Lack Of Eye Protection Triggers Harley-Davidson Police Chase

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Lack Of Eye Protection Triggers Harley-Davidson Police Chase
Lack Of Eye Protection Triggers Harley-Davidson Police Chase

Governments compelling people, both in cars and on motorcycles, to use safety equipment is a controversial topic in some circles. While certain states have seatbelt and helmet laws, we just learned that in Arkansas you can get pulled over for riding your Harley-Davidson while not wearing eye protection.

Motorcyclist takes Florida Highway Patrol for a wild ride.

That’s why the trooper in this video flips around, putting on his lights and sirens as some guy rides past him going the other way. Sure, the law might be a little silly and you could argue it’s even sillier the trooper is so eager to enforce it, but it’s equal senseless that the Harley rider decides to run.


Arkansas State Police has quite the reputation for being ruthless towards those who flee stops. They’ve pitted out cars going well in excess of 100 mph without even flinching. And we’ve seen them take on motorcycles, sometimes bumping them with their push bar to force the rider to stop.

But this guy thinks he’s special and his bike can outrun the trooper’s cruiser. It doesn’t take long for the trooper to catch up, although that requires running a few red lights. But at least the trooper will make sure this guy knows he’s supposed to wear eye protection.

Just as quickly as the guy took off, he slows way down but keeps running red lights, although he does stop at stop signs. It’s almost like he’s leading the trooper somewhere. However, once the guy hits some empty backroads with long straightaways, he tries pulling away from the trooper again. Some people just never learn.

At this point it’s obvious the trooper is done with the games. He starts pulling in front of the Harley, trying to force the rider to slow down and pull to the side of the road, but the guy maneuvers around him and keeps going into a residential area.

As if the chase hasn’t been bizarre from the beginning, the guy rolls onto a private property littered with junk and just stops in front of a garage. We’re assuming it’s his place. Did he honestly think touching “home” would make him safe, like in a game of tag? Or did he think his bike wouldn’t be towed if he had it on his property when he got arrested?

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube