Las Vegas Street Race Turns Fatal

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Las Vegas Street Race Turns Fatal
Las Vegas Street Race Turns Fatal

A street race in the early morning hours of June 24 has left a Dodge Challenger driver dead and a passenger in the same car with serious injuries. Why people think they can use public roads, which often have major imperfections unlike a drag strip or racetrack, to go up against their buddies at high speeds is beyond us.

Watch a husband and wife get busted street racing each other.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police say the race, which happened at just after 2 am, involved a 31-year-old man driving the Dodge Challenger with a 27-year-old passenger. They were racing a Maserati, unspecified model, driven by a 36-year-old man with a 27-year-old passenger, reports Fox5.


In other words, both drivers were old enough to know better. While we still don’t excuse even teenagers from street racing, men in their 30s ought to understand the risks, at least mostly. But when egos flare the thinking stops and grown men do stupid things.

According to police, the two cars were racing each other northbound on S. Jones just south of W. Sahara Avenue. As they traveled through the intersection, the Dodge driver lost control of his muscle car.

The Mopar veered off the road, hit numerous “fixed objects” and flipped several times. The driver died at the hospital, but the nature of the injuries to the passenger haven’t been revealed.

The driver of the Maserati was arrested.

This is what can happen when you street race. Maybe you can get away with it a hundred times, but the hundred and first can be when your time comes. And while accidents happen at tracks, they have medical crews and people with fire extinguishers at the ready for a reason.

Racing in a controlled environment not only is safer, it’s more fun. We know some guys get a thrill out of doing something illegal, but is that really worth your life?

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