Stolen Dodge Challenger Leads Police On Chase

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Stolen Dodge Challenger Leads Police On Chase
Stolen Dodge Challenger Leads Police On Chase

If own a muscle car, including a Dodge Challenger or Charger, you might want to give some serious thought into upgrading your vehicle’s security. Thieves seem to know how to hack into these rides easily, making them prime theft targets.

Owners claim Camaro key fobs are easily hacked.

That’s what happened to a guy in South Florida last week. Home surveillance footage shows the thieves break a window to gain entry into the Mopar, pop the hood, then push it out of the driveway as the alarm goes off.

Later, Florida Highway Patrol spotted the vehicle and gave chase. Eventually, a trooper pitted out the Dodge, leaving it with serious damage which probably will make it a total loss. Two men who were in the Challenger were arrested.


Both men have previous criminal records. One of them reportedly even broke into a police cruiser to steal a flashlight of all things.

This means the owner is probably out his beloved muscle car. Sadly, if he had added the right aftermarket security device he would still have his ride in one piece.

We’re not talking about a steering wheel lock or just an alarm, which you can see was useless. There are other devices out there, if you do some research, which keep thieves from reprogramming the ignition to accept a fresh key fob or will keep them from starting the engine.

The point is criminals want these types of cars because they’re fast and plentiful, at least for now. If they keep getting stolen at high rates, we wonder how many of these muscle cars will still be around.

That’s why it’s best to invest a little bit of money into more security for your ride before yours gets pushed out of the driveway.

Image via NBC 6 South Florida/YouTube

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