Listen to the Bugatti Chiron Successor's Hybrid V-16 Sing

bugatti v16 engine
Bugatti V-16 Engine Makes Its Arrival HeardBugatti
  • Bugatti just gave us our first taste of its hybrid V-16 engine, which takes the form of the beating heart of the car that will replace the Chiron.

  • The newest Bugatti doesn't have a public name yet, but the manufacturer confirmed the hypercar will be revealed in June.

  • The manufacturer describes the new car as "incomparable in every detail" and "a pure embodiment of Bugatti's DNA."

While the headlines are being grabbed by battery-electric vehicles and small-displacement plug-in hybrids, Bugatti is throwing caution to the wind and stuffing a hybrid V-16 powerplant in the center of its next hypercar. The French hypercar manufacturer confirmed the news by means of this 26-second teaser video showcasing the new powertrain speeding through the gears.

"With each generation of its hyper sports car, Bugatti has shifted the benchmark of design, engineering, performance and craftsmanship to new heights. And this year, eight years to the day since the Chiron was revealed, Bugatti shows the world the first page of the newest chapter in its rich history," Bugatti said in a statement.

The new car, along with the new powertrain, will be revealed this June, but Bugatti poetically says it was designed not just for the present but "pour l’éternité."An eternity is a long time, but after listening to that clip, we're not here to argue.


We've known for a while now that Bugatti would be shifting to a hybrid setup for its next car. After all, the brand merged with the Croatian automaker Rimac in 2021, and Bugatti's former chief of design, Achim Anscheidt, confirmed the news last year. Unfortunately, if you're in the market for one of the $5 million Mistral roadsters, you're out of luck as all 99 have been sold since 2022.

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