Mechanic Breathes New Life into Abandoned 1965 Ford Mustang

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This is going to take a lot of work!

In a remarkable testament to the resilience of classic cars and the tenacity of those who love them, mechanic Steve May of the Dead Car Rescue YouTube channel has embarked on a daring rescue of a 1965 Ford Mustang. Originally designated as a parts car for another project, this Mustang revealed its potential for revival, igniting Steve’s determination to bring it back to life.

Located in a condition far from road-ready, this particular Mustang had been neglected to the point where it retained only an automatic transmission, swapped out from its original manual, and a V6 engine instead of the more robust V8 typically celebrated in Mustang lore. Despite these modifications and significant rust issues, Steve saw beyond the car's dilapidated state. His first task was to assess the engine’s ability to turn over, a crucial step that, fortunately, proved successful, indicating that the internal mechanics had not seized.

Steve’s approach to reviving the Mustang involves meticulous attention to the mechanical aspects that often deter less experienced restorers. He has to navigate through the complexities of a vehicle that lacks the diagnostic aids of modern cars, relying instead on his expertise and patience. The process includes basic but crucial steps such as lubricating bolts and fittings and ensuring the engine can not only crank but also run with fresh fuel.


This undertaking is more than a mere mechanical resurrection; it is a labor of love that highlights the cultural and historical significance of the Ford Mustang. Steve’s project underscores the enduring appeal of classic cars and their capacity to capture the imaginations of automotive enthusiasts around the world. As he progresses, the car gradually transitions from a mere shell of its former glory into a potential head-turner on the road, symbolizing the triumph of restoration over decay.

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