Michigan Father Killed Attempting To Stop Car Thieves

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Michigan Father Killed Attempting To Stop Car Thieves
Michigan Father Killed Attempting To Stop Car Thieves

A father in Sterling Heights, Michigan was gunned down while attempting to stop two thieves from stealing his car. The kicker is a friend said the vehicle that was stolen isn’t worth much, yet the suspects still killed him over it.

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Thair Dado, aged 43, was working at his part-time position at a liquor store on the night of February 3, taking the garbage out at about 11:30 pm when he spotted his own vehicle backing out of its parking spot, his friend told Fox 2 Detroit. The guy had the natural instinct to try stopping the thieves, something most people would do, and for that they killed him.


That same friend said Dado’s car was an older Hyundai with around 350,000 miles on it. We don’t know if that’s hyperbole, but the point is the car was essentially worthless on the open market. Some might question why he would fight for something worth so little, but perhaps it was worth more to him. After all, as an immigrant to this country he knew what it’s like to go without and have to start all over again.

Others might be wondering why the thieves would bother to take an old car that isn’t worth a tank of gas. It’s not all that uncommon for criminals to swipe such vehicles since they’re usually easy to steal. They’re not looking to sell them but instead use these crappy rides to commit other crimes like boosting valuable cars, doing drive-by shootings, robbing stores, breaking into homes, etc. To them it’s a throwaway.

Now Dado’s wife and teenage son are left to mourn the passing of their patriarch. It sounds like he was working at least two jobs to keep a roof over their heads and now he’s just gone.

While this story is incredibly sad, we share it to caution others about how dangerous car thieves can be. Some don’t carry guns or other weapons but many do, so keep that in mind. Also, even if you have a clunker it’s a good idea to take a few simple steps to make it less attractive to thieves.

Image via Fox 2 Detroit

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