Missouri Hellcat Chase Hits 169 MPH

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Missouri Hellcat Chase Hits 169 MPH
Missouri Hellcat Chase Hits 169 MPH

Usually when we see a car stolen from a dealership it’s in the middle of the night when nobody is around. But the guy who swiped a Dodge Charger Hellcat from an Excelsior Springs, Missouri dealer decided to make a scene, taking the muscle car at gunpoint while wearing a mask. Then he ran from police, hitting 169 mph during the chase.

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The crime took place back on June 10 at about 5:00 pm just when dealerships start to get a little busy. Why the suspect chose to steal a vehicle at that time is a mystery. Sometimes criminals just do things and don’t think.


While police initially tried chasing the Mopar muscle car, once speeds climbed they called off the pursuit for public safety reasons, reports Excelsior Citizen. After that, the suspect got into some sort of minor traffic crash, then decided to abandon the vehicle.

Police arrived on the scene and used K-9 unit to track down 18-year-old Javon Baker, who reportedly was hiding along the wood line at a nearby apartment complex. Now he’s facing several felonies for the robbery and chase.

Once the vehicle was recovered, it was discovered the exterior damage was minimal. However, you can see the interior is ripped apart, including the headliner, because the suspect was trying to disable the factory GPS tracker.

Investigator believe there might be a connection between Baker and a theft ring in the Kansas City area. There has been a rash of carjackings and other vehicle thefts police think are being pulled off  by a particular crew. That wouldn’t surprise us as many times just a few people working together can steal a lot of cars.

Image via The Excelsior Citizen/YouTube

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