Modified Silverado Belches Its Driveshaft Doing A Dyno Pull

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Modified Silverado Belches Its Driveshaft Doing A Dyno Pull
Modified Silverado Belches Its Driveshaft Doing A Dyno Pull

A video uploaded to TikTok of a turbocharged Chevy Silverado belching its driveshaft during a dyno pull is shocking people. For us, the only surprising part is how many people were standing close to the truck, both in the rear and on either side, as the mechanicals were put under load.

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From the looks of it, at least one guy got his feet and/or shins smashed by the flying driveshaft. You can see a group of guys and girls hotfoot it out of the way, one of them kicking it at the very end. Considering how bad this incident could’ve been, this wasn’t a horrible result.


Still, incidents like this just shouldn’t happen. But who’s at fault? Was this organizers dropping the ball or should everyone who’s there automatically know that dyno pulls can come with big failures, sometimes in the form of explosions, flying components, and even fire?

When the envelope is pushed like that, things are bound to fail at least some of the time. This is why people shouldn’t gather closely to a mobile dyno like they were doing in the video because accidents happen, some of them far worse than this.

Car meets can be a wonderful way to meet up with other gearheads and enjoy the hobby in person instead of on social media or online forums. While it’s easy to get caught up in the infectious vibe of these automotive gatherings, sometimes that can result in people doing stupid things in the moment.

That’s how you see so many crashes as people give into the peer pressure of the crowd while leaving car meets and they try doing a sick burnout. It’s not always Mustangs hitting crowds or veering into oncoming traffic, but those incidents are always a result of someone forgetting their limits.

Have fun at car meets and other events this summer, but remember that being safe doesn’t have to kill the fun since getting hurt is worse.

Images via zach_6.6/TikTok