Monte Carlo Does Burnout Into Everything

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Your cars and trash cans aren’t safe around this guy!

Recently posted in a /sub on Reddit, appropriately named r/IdiotsInCars, a user shared footage from their local neighborhood watch group of an 85-87ish Chevy Monte Carlo losing control while doing a burnout and hitting, well, everything around. While burnouts are inherently easy to do (on a track, with permission), this driver was not familiar with the process of stopping, apparently. Thankfully, the only thing hurt is a few stationary objects and not someone’s kids.

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The footage shows a very narrow street and a big honking Monte Carlo swinging out to turn onto it. Regardless of how narrow the street is, what happens next is a demonstration of a complete lack of basic driving skills and control over the vehicle.


Why the driver chooses this spot to do a burnout is anyone’s guess, but I’ve seen weirder spots with tire marks. It’s also unclear if the driver is showing off for anyone off-camera, but there were people outside, who seem to just wander off, unimpressed when the burnout begins.

It takes longer for the smoke to actually start than the entire rest of the video, which is the first clue that the driver might want to learn how to do a burnout before actually attempting, but skipped that step. The second clue is that the Monte Carlo goes flying almost as soon as the smoke starts, maybe he got spooked? Maybe he was trying (poorly) to do a rolling burnout? Either way, he totally loses control of the car and smacks into some trash cans and two parked cars.

After all that, buddy decided to just slowly back away, as if the footage was in slow motion reverse. His fleeing attempt is every bit as smooth as his burnout 'skills', so well done.

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