Monte Carlo Driver Flees From Arkansas Troopers While Drunk

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Monte Carlo Driver Flees From Arkansas Troopers While Drunk
Monte Carlo Driver Flees From Arkansas Troopers While Drunk

Running from Arkansas State Police isn’t something an amateur driver should even attempt, even if they have a fast car. But for someone who isn’t a great driver and is behind the wheel of something like a Chevy Monte Carlo, it’s extra dumb. When you add drunkenness into the mix, well things go south in a hurry.

Portland, Oregon stolen car crash is horrific.

That’s exactly what we have in this short-lived but still entertaining chase out of Little Rock, Arkansas. We don’t know what got two troopers to hunt down the Monte Carlo in a parking lot, but we do know once the suspect driver saw they were there for her, she took off.


But her escape was short-lived. First of all, while the last-gen Monte Carlo certainly has its own cult following, nobody in their right mind would say it’s a particularly quick or fast car. In fact, most people were disappointed with its lack of true performance chops.

This suspect apparently never figured that out because she thinks her Chevy can outrun ASP troopers. That was one of many bad moves she made.

The other big one was getting drunk before running. That makes her driving sloppy, which is why drinking and driving is so dangerous.

She takes a simple right turn and goes super wide, right into the opposing lanes of traffic. Not only can that allow someone pursuing you to catch up, in this case there’s a car right there in the lane. Before either driver can do anything, the two vehicles collide.

Then the Monte Carlo veers off to the right, hitting a retaining wall in front of a house. The wall didn’t deserve such treatment, but better that than someone’s home. The pursuing trooper stayed right on the suspects, making their capture even quicker than the pathetic escape attempt.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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