Nissan Altima Takes On Arkansas State Police

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Nissan Altima Takes On Arkansas State Police
Nissan Altima Takes On Arkansas State Police

Sometimes guys are cruising for a bruising, as the saying goes, which is what it seems this Nissan Altima driver was up to. While crossing a bridge on US Highway 63 in Little Rock, Arkansas the guy was allegedly doing 82 in a 55 mph zone. Maybe because of his speed he didn’t see the trooper going the opposite direction until it was too late.

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Or maybe he didn’t care. In the footage we see the Altima just keeps on hauling instead of pulling over, so at the very least the guy didn’t want to stick around and find out how big his ticket would be. It’s a bit of a gamble putting Big Altima Energy against Arkansas State Police, although we’ve seen it done before.


The Altima driver really goes for it, pushing the sedan to well over 100 mph as the trooper navigates traffic on the two-lane highway in an attempt to catch up.

It doesn’t take long for the trooper to close the gap. After all, the Altima’s little four-banger is no match for the cruiser. Plus, the trooper has superior skills.

Still, the fleeing suspect has a few tricks up his sleeve. He takes a sudden turn, using the oncoming traffic on-ramp. That buys him a little time, but he has to do some more fancy maneuvering around the intersection with another road as the trooper closes in for the kill.

Combine that with some faking out on which way he’s going and this Nissan driver keeps the chase going a while longer. He buys even more time driving into oncoming traffic, causing the trooper to back off some. After all, everyone else’s safety isn’t nearly as important as ditching the fuzz.

Even as the trooper finally catches up and tries to PIT this Nissan, the Big Altima Energy proves to be a little too much. While the trooper almost loses it in the dirt, he makes a good save and keeps dogging the suspect.

Seeing his moment, the trooper decides to go for a hard hit instead of a little love tap, finally ending the Nissan’s run.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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