Motorcycle Cops Chase Down A Stolen Ford F-150

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Motorcycle Cops Chase Down A Stolen Ford F-150
Motorcycle Cops Chase Down A Stolen Ford F-150

Motorcycle cops absolutely have their place on police forces, just usually for running traffic enforcement. While their bikes can catch up to a speeder quickly and they’re harder to see, making it more likely they’ll catch offenders, they’re not quite as handy in a pursuit with a noncompliant suspect.

Check out Shaq cruising around in his custom Hellcat Redeye.

That fact didn’t stop these motorcycle cops in Arkansas from leading the charge against a suspect in a stolen Ford F-150. When our camera car, a state trooper’s cruiser, jumps in the chase there are two motorcycles hot on the pickup’s tail.


We’re just not sure what these guys were going to do if they caught up – kick the fender?

Their enthusiasm is great, but all it would take is one sudden move from the Ford and they could be in a world of hurt. Thankfully, the trooper takes over just as things get spicy.

Because the thief stole the whole truck, he decides to use its full capabilities. The guy cuts across the shoulder a few times during the chase, doing some light off-roading, and also rolls over a large median at one point. While the motorcycles do follow over the freeway shoulder, they’re still not equipped with a push bar or enough curb weight to take on the heavy truck.

But even for the ASP cruiser, taking down a heavier, bigger pickup can be a bit of a challenge. We’ve seen chases like this where the suspect vehicle is pitted out several times before it’s disabled.

Sure enough, the first PIT barely slows down the F-150. But this trooper is determined to bring the chase to a close immediately. He goes in for the kill as soon as the suspect swerves in front of him, delivering a powerful hit to the truck’s rear quarter panel, spinning it out onto the shoulder.

And guess who’s right there to help make the collar – the motorcycle cops. So having them along for the chase was useful after all.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube