Motorcyclist Fleeing Florida Trooper Makes A Stupid Mistake

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Motorcyclist Fleeing Florida Trooper Makes A Stupid Mistake
Motorcyclist Fleeing Florida Trooper Makes A Stupid Mistake

Start seeing motorcycles: it’s a slogan we’ve all seen on bumper stickers. Designed to help build awareness that drivers need to watch out for riders, it was supposed to increase road safety. Everyone can debate how effective it’s been, but this police chase video out of Florida demonstrates that the need for caution goes both ways.

Sweater causes Ford truck driver to crash.

The Florida Highway Patrol dashcam footage starts with a trooper in the left lane when he notices the motorcycle rider behaving dangerously. As he starts moving over and activates his lights and sirens, the suspect looks over his shoulder.


In that moment, the guy had a decision to make: pull over and face consequences or run and possibly face far worse consequences. He probably already made up his mind before then, apparently deciding to try getting away.

Heavy traffic favors the small motorcycle, allowing the suspect to shoot through small gaps at high speeds while the trooper must wait for openings and sometimes drive on the shoulder to keep up. It’s a risky game, but what the rider does next is far riskier.

Deciding surface streets will perhaps allow him to finally slip away, leaving the trooper eating his dust, the rider gets off at an exit. The light at the bottom of the off-ramp is red, but the rider seems confident about playing Frogger and cutting through the cross traffic.

That was his big mistake.

He miscalculates the speed of an approaching SUV, which hits him square on, knocking his helmet off. Somehow, this rider survives, but you can hear him moaning in excruciating pain.

The best part is seeing a lady get out of her vehicle, not to help render aid but obviously to record the gruesome aftermath. We don’t even want to think about why she was doing that.

Image via Pursuit 101/YouTube