Musician, TV Host Wants His Stolen Cadillac Back

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Musician, TV Host Wants His Stolen Cadillac Back
Musician, TV Host Wants His Stolen Cadillac Back

Cadillac Bill has owned 15 Caddies during his life, but he’s grieving after his current ride was stolen in Hamilton, Ontario. There’s something special about that car and the musician/TV host really hopes he can get it back in one piece.

Clint Eastwood’s car collection is appropriately cool.

The car in question is a white 1989 Cadillac Brougham D’Elegance. As Cadillac Bill, real name Bill Boyd-Wilson says, “the car is absolutely huge” so it should be easy to spot. Plus, the man says it’s “in mint condition” so he’s quite distraught about the theft.

He also misses the car because it was the one he used for his television show, including in the intro.


It was stolen as the Caddie sat in a repair facility’s lot overnight. We see cases like this so often, which is why we counsel people to only leave your vehicle overnight at shops where they at least have secured parking for it, even though that doesn’t always stop thieves.

Surveillance footage shows the thief broke in and had the car started in mere seconds. A classic like that is incredibly easy to hotwire, so we also recommend installing a security device like a kill switch, making it not so easy to take.

The man is staying realistic about what might become of his beloved Cadillac. He recognizes it might be gone forever, joking to CHCH News that it’s probably already loaded into a shipping container and is on its way to Dubai or somewhere else overseas. Sadly, he might be right.

There are things you can do to guard against these kinds of thefts and help recover your car if it is stolen. Aside from a kill switch, installing other aftermarket security devices like an alarm does help.

Also, consider getting a GPS tracker or two for your vehicle. One can be simple, like an Apple AirTag. We see so many stolen cars recovered within hours thanks to these devices.

Hopefully Cadillac Bill gets his car back.

Image via CHCH News/YouTube