Nissan to Launch 7 New Models and Refresh Most of U.S. Lineup by 2026

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Nissan Launching 7 All-New Models in North AmericaNissan
  • Nissan plans to launch seven new models in North America and refresh 78 percent of its U.S. lineup by 2026.

  • Nissan's three-year business plan will also see 30 new models launched around the globe, with a nearly even mix of electric and gas-fed powertrains.

  • Nissan also aims to greatly reduce the price of its next-gen EVs by sharing a variety of development costs; it expects EV and ICE models to cost the same by 2030.

Nissan is looking towards the future with a new three-year business plan that involves launching seven new models in North America. The company says it will also refresh 78 percent of its existing U.S. lineup during that time as it prepares for more electric vehicles.

In the United States, Nissan plans to invest $200 million in its integrated customer experience too. That's part of its goal to increase North American sales by 330,000 units in 2026 compared with 2023.


Nissan hasn't yet revealed the powertrains of the U.S.-bound vehicles. However, we know that at least some of them will be electrified, as Nissan plans to launch plug-in-hybrid models and a system called e-Power. The latter powertrain features a gas engine that acts as a generator and powers the electric motor(s), which alone will drive the wheels. As things currently stand, the company has no hybrid or plug-in-hybrid options in the United States.

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Over the next three years, Nissan also plans to launch 30 new models around the globe, with 16 being electrified and 14 having internal-combustion engines. With those new vehicles taken into account, the brand is planning for electrified vehicles to account for 40 percent of global sales by 2026 and 60 percent by 2030.

For its next generation of electric vehicles, Nissan plans to significantly reduce the price. The company says it aims to cut costs of those next-gen EVs by 30 percent compared with the current Nissan Ariya by sharing a variety development costs. Using that approach, production is slated to begin in 2027, with the company planning to achieve pricing parity between its EVs and ICE cars by 2030.

Nissan says its two-part plan is intended to "drive value and strengthen competitiveness." It will also focus on a broad product offensive, a ramped-up electrification effort, new engineering and manufacturing approaches, and the utilization of strategic partnerships to improve global sales. Globally, the company plans for 53 percent of its new models released in the next three years to be electrified, while 47 percent will be gas-powered.

Nissan says its plan shows a clear path to the company's future. "It illustrates our continuous progression and ability to navigate changing market conditions," said Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida. "This plan will enable us to go further and faster in driving value and competitiveness. Faced with extreme market volatility, Nissan is taking decisive actions guided by the new plan to ensure sustainable growth and profitability.”

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