Nissan Maxima Tries Showing Trooper Byrd Who’s Boss

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Nissan Maxima Tries Showing Trooper Byrd Who’s Boss
Nissan Maxima Tries Showing Trooper Byrd Who’s Boss

We see a lot of the same cars running from police, especially in Arkansas. Everyone can make up their own minds about why Dodge Chargers/Challengers, Nissan Altimas, Toyota Camrys, etc. are often featured in pursuits. One we haven’t seen, at least not in a long time, is a newer Nissan Maxima.

Watch an Arkansas trooper get close to the infamous black Dodge Charger.

That alone was enough to intrigue us about this Arkansas State Police dashcam footage. Add in the fact it’s Trooper Byrd doing the chasing and we already knew the outcome would be interesting. We were not disappointed.


Trooper Byrd initially tried pulling the Maxima over for tags which expired in 2022. We know some sovereign citizen types argue that isn’t a reason to be pulled over, that it’s a government scam, etc. but we’re here to tell you not keeping your vehicle registration current is a surefire way to get stopped by a cop.

Instead of pulling over, this suspect exits the freeway and tries ditching Trooper Byrd on surface streets in Little Rock. For whatever reason, the Nissan driver seems to speed up, then slow down at random. Maybe it was a strategy to keep his pursuer guessing? We don’t know, but we would’ve preferred to see the sedan going flat-out to indulge our curiosities.

Despite the suspect’s best efforts, the trooper does a fine job of dogging the Maxima and not jumping at any bait. Still, he has to slow down at red lights and stop signs, so the suspect has an advantage.

For whatever reason, the Nissan slows down suddenly and Trooper Byrd pounces, pitting it so the Maxima swings around and we see there are giant eyelashes over the headlights. That explains so much.

After being arrested, the driver claims her passenger had a gun pointed at her, forcing her to flee. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t driving so hard? We’ll see if the judge buys that one.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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