Nissan Rogue Sport Leaving U.S. for Good Next Year

Photo credit: Jay McNally/Nissan
Photo credit: Jay McNally/Nissan
  • Introduced in the U.S. in 2017, the Nissan Rogue Sport will stop production in December, and sales will end here early next year.

  • Nissan said in a memo to dealers that it can still cover the smaller end of the SUV market with the Kicks and the Rogue.

  • The Rogue Sport is basically a renamed version of the global Nissan Qashqai, which will continue to be sold around the world. Just not in America.

The Nissan Rogue Sport will soon be no more. The young-buyer-oriented subcompact SUV arrived in the U.S. in 2017 with a message from Nissan that it would add to the brand’s conquest sales. But that’s not going to last past this year. A Nissan spokesperson confirmed to Car and Driver that "As part of our Nissan NEXT plan, which is focused on prioritizing our core models and segments that bring the most benefit to customers, production of Rogue Sport for the U.S. will end after the 2022 model year."

Since the Rogue Sport is the U.S. version of the European Qashqai, we had been expecting Nissan to take the European SUV and use it as the basis for a fully redesigned Rogue Sport that would show up as a 2023 model.


A memo to dealers, written by Nissan vice president Scott Shirley and published by Automotive News, said production of the Rogue Sport will end in December as Nissan focuses on higher-volume models and more electrified vehicles. "With the all-new Rogue and recently redesigned Kicks, we will continue to cover this part of [the] market effectively," Shirley said. "We are also able to invest more resources in our current vehicle life cycles and next-generation products."

The pricing and feature details meant the Rogue Sport (right, below) didn't have a lot of breathing room between the Kicks (left, below) and the better-selling Rogue. In our overview of the 2022 model year, we noted that the Rogue Sport was using outdated infotainment and driver-assistance tech, and the anemic 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine wasn't offering any real driving excitement.

Despite entering the U.S. market as a way to bring new buyers to the brand, that job ended up falling more on the shoulders of the entry-level Kicks. Today, the 2022 Rogue Sport starts at $26,255, almost $5000 more than the '22 Kicks, which starts at $21,285. Both have Nissan's Safety Shield 360. driver-assist tech as standard, and the Rogue Sport can also be ordered with ProPilot Assist. But ProPilot Assist and much more can be had in the Rogue, which starts at $28,445.

Putting all of these factors together, it’s not surprising that the Rogue Sport is about to drive off into the sunset. Nissan said in its dealer memo that it will still sell the 2023 model year vehicle until inventory runs out in early 2023. As with most discontinued vehicles, Nissan will continue to make replacement parts and other support for the Rogue Sport. The automaker will provide these items through 2033.

The Nissan Qashqai, which is sold around the world, first debuted in 2006. This model will continue to be produced and sold.

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