Parking Lot Donuts Turn Into A Concrete PIT

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Parking Lot Donuts Turn Into A Concrete PIT
Parking Lot Donuts Turn Into A Concrete PIT

While we love some good donuts, surprisingly cops don’t. At least they’re not fans of a the kind you do in a parking lot, which are exactly the type we enjoy but don’t do for legal reasons. But someone in North Little Rock, Arkansas did and got caught by an officer. Instead of just giving up, they turned those donuts into a concrete PIT.

This truck takes a licking and keeps on ticking in a wild police chase.

As you can clearly see in the dashcam footage, the suspect was turning donuts in a grocer store parking lot at night when an officer in the area responding as backup to a traffic stop noticed the stunt.


Some people might argue that doing donuts in a parking lot is no big deal and definitely not something the police should be concerned with. Maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not – all we know is this cop tried stopping the suspect.

That’s when the Camry starts literally running circles around the police cruiser like something out of an old comedy sketch. But the joke’s over when a second officer arrives, stating a chase that ends not so sweetly for the suspect.

We know it’s not a huge shock that someone in a Camry, especially if this one is a four-cylinder model (which is what we strongly suspect) can’t get away from police. After all, they’re not exactly known for being performance vehicles, although we always find it hilarious when someone tries claiming they’re actually like modern muscle cars. The same thing happens with Honda Accords and Nissan Maximas, too.

This suspect gets on the highway and tries making a somewhat high-speed getaway. That’s when Arkansas State Police jump into the fray. A trooper takes the lead in his Dodge Charger, pulling up behind the Camry with ease.

When the time is right, he unleashes a brutal PIT which sends the Toyota right into the concrete barrier. We just wonder if the donuts were worth all that?

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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