Out Of Control Cybertruck Crashes Into A House

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Out Of Control Cybertruck Crashes Into A House
Out Of Control Cybertruck Crashes Into A House

A scary situation unfolded for a Tesla Cybertruck owner when he said the vehicle ran out of control, crashing into his neighbor’s house. The man claims the truck had only been in his possession for a few hours when the accident happened, with the cause unknown.

YouTubers crash a tractor pull event in a Tesla Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck owner took to X to air his grievances. Replying to a post about someone supposedly hitting a deer and it bouncing off the angular pickup, the guy said his crash involved the brakes locking up as the Tesla continued accelerating all while the steering went dead.


That’s about the worst case scenario we can think of for being in a vehicle. When it’s accelerating out of control and you have not way to stop or steer, all you can do is sit and wait for the inevitable impact.

To help prove what happened, the guy shared home surveillance footage of the Cybertruck speeding off from his house. You don’t get to see the actual crash, but it does appear the vehicle accelerates hard suddenly.

What’s more, the Cybertruck owner claims Tesla won’t admit any fault in writing. He said when he called the automaker about the crash, he was told “depressing the brake may or may not disengage accelerator.” That’s not a comforting statement, if true.

At least nobody was hurt in the crash, which is the most important thing. However, a body shop told the owner it might take a year to fix the Cybertruck. We’re assuming parts for it are in incredibly low supply. Being on the bleeding edge of automotive trends isn’t always a good place to reside.

Hopefully this sort of thing doesn’t happen to other Cybertruck owners or there could be a serious accident.

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