PIT Maneuver Ends With Cop And Suspect Flying

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PIT Maneuver Ends With Cop And Suspect Flying
PIT Maneuver Ends With Cop And Suspect Flying

Even when officers are well-trained in pursuit tactics, things can suddenly go wrong. Out of different police agencies we’ve analyzed dashcam footage from, Arkansas State Police seems to be one of the better-trained departments out there, yet the video we’re sharing shows how a high-speed PIT maneuver not only sends the suspect’s vehicle flying off the road, but the trooper’s Dodge Charger as well.

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We’ve heard some former cops admit chases are usually pretty fun. We imagine after filling out so much paperwork, sitting around waiting for things to happen, just driving around and looking for possible crimes, running down someone who thinks they can give you the slip is pretty exciting.


And while domestic violence calls can be action-packed, those and traffic stops can be quite deadly for law enforcement. All that combined means chasing people is a great activity, even if it can be dangerous for police, suspects, and innocent bystanders.

In this video, we see a Dodge Charger take the lead on stopping a suspect who appears to have given police the slip a few times during a chase. Cops like using Chargers for PIT maneuvers because they’re heavy and low to the ground, making the chances that something will go wrong for the officer during the procedure much lower.