The R35 Nissan GT-R Is Ending Production After 17 Years

Photo: Nissan
Photo: Nissan

The R35-generation GT-R has served as Nissan’s halo car since it hit the market in 2007, but it’s finally on its way out. Somehow the iconic all-wheel-drive Godzilla managed to remain a powerhouse of technology and speed after all those years. The car launched to great fanfare, cutting the legs out from under much more expensive cars from Porsche and Ferrari, and it’s continued to be a fan favorite for all these years despite looking much the same as it did 17 years ago. It was so far ahead of the game back then that it took all this time for others to catch up. Nissan hung its performance hat on the GT-R for a long time, and it’s time for it to fade into the sunset of history.

Nissan announced this week that the GT-R would receive a pair of final special edition models, called the T-Spec Takumi and the Skyline Editions. The T-Spec Takumi Edition pays homage to Nissan’s takumi master craftspeople who hand-assemble the VR38DETT engines in each GT-R. This model will only be available in a Midnight Purple exterior paint color with Mori Green interior trim, a gorgeous combination. The Takumi Edition will also get carbon-ceramic brakes, a special gold version of the Rays 20-inch wheels, wider front fenders, and a Nismo-tuned chassis control module. All those bells and whistles come at a premium, with the Takumi Edition running $151,090.

Photo: Nissan
Photo: Nissan

The Skyline Edition brings back the iconic Bayside Blue paint from the R34 generation, which is totally rad, and the interior is a lovely light Sora Blue. The Skyline Edition will run you $131,090. Both models should hit Nissan dealers this summer, and fewer than 200 units of each will be built.


In the release announcing these special editions and the “sunsetting” of the R35, Nissan had this to say:

While the R35 GT-R leaves an unforgettable legacy, Nissan is now hyperfocused on the future and the next era of exciting innovation in performance.

That choice of words is important, as Nissan showed its electric, 1,300-horsepower Hyper Force concept last fall, detailing what the next-generation GT-R could become.

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