Ram TRX Rescues Cybertruck From Some Sand

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Ram TRX Rescues Cybertruck From Some Sand
Ram TRX Rescues Cybertruck From Some Sand

Prior to the Tesla Cybertruck being released, we heard all kinds of big talk about its capabilities and how it would literally transform the pickup market. For some odd reason that’s quieted down now that Cybertrucks are out in the wild. We’re sure videos like this one of a Ram TRX pulling one out of the sand in Oregon have nothing to do with that.

Tesla Cybertruck loses a wheel trying to off-road.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube by local station KOIN 6, is brief but shows a Cybertruck stuck at Sand Lake Recreation Area back on May 18. You can see the sand is almost midway up the EV’s wheels.


Someone in a Ram TRX has a tow strap attached to the front end of his truck and the front end of the Tesla. Using the brute force of the Hellcat V8 in the Mopar, the other driver muscles the Cybertruck out of its sand trap.

If the video wasn’t recorded after other recovery attempts, we would say this was a pretty low-drama situation with an incredibly quick resolution. While tow straps aren’t the best for pulling a stuck vehicle out of a situation like this, especially given the curb weight of the Tesla, we’ll credit the Ram TRX’s brute power for the favorable outcome.

And while it’s true that any vehicle can get stuck, plenty of people are jeering the Cybertruck crowd after seeing this recovery. There are probably many reasons for that reaction, but we’re sure all the wild claims about the Cybertruck being an incredible off-roader and such is at least partly to blame.

We wonder if the Cybertruck owner had aired down the tires and perhaps that was part of the problem. Tesla doesn’t sell the pickup with bead locks but owners who want to really go off-roading would be wise to pick some up.

Either way, we expect this video will be quite controversial and generate plenty of heated debate. Tell us what you think of the recovery and what it says about the Cybertruck versus the TRX.

Check out the video for yourself.

Image via KOIN 6/YouTube