Rare 1955 Studebaker President Project Car Found in Santa Fe

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A 1955 Studebaker President, discovered in a Santa Fe field, promises a rewarding restoration journey for classic car enthusiasts.

In the world of vintage automobiles, the discovery of a 1955 Studebaker President 2-door hardtop in a Santa Fe field marks a rare find. Originating from Albuquerque, New Mexico, this southwest gem embarks on a path of restoration, blending historical charm with the promise of revitalized glory.

The car, a testament to American automotive design, stands out not just for its age but for its significance as a model sold new in Albuquerque, making it a genuine piece of local heritage. Despite spending 30 years untouched, a testament to its resilience, the Studebaker was coaxed back to life with a series of meticulous updates. A new master cylinder ensures the brakes function, albeit needing further attention for optimal performance. The starter and fuel pump have been rebuilt, complemented by a new battery and coil, signifying the vehicle's readiness for the road ahead. Additionally, new tires have been fitted, and the car now boasts Studebaker wire wheel covers and optional fog lights, enhancing its visual appeal.