This Rare 1955 Talbot Lago T15 Baby Has Quite The Story!

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This beauty is selling tomorrow at Lucky Collector Car Auction.

Lot #142 at the upcoming Lucky Collector Car Auction features an extraordinary vehicle: a 1955 Talbot Lago T15 Baby, chassis number 122022. This rare gem, with distinctive one-off coachwork by Jean Barou, represents a significant piece of automotive history. Under the hood, it boasts a 2,690cc OHV twin camshaft inline four-cylinder engine with dual side draft carburetors, producing 120 horsepower at 4,500 rpm. The power is managed by a 4-speed Wilson Pre-Select gearbox, and the car features independent front suspension, a rear live axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, and 4-wheel hydraulic drum brakes.

The Talbot-Lago marque, once a top-tier name in the French automotive industry alongside Delahaye and Delage, sought to regain its pre-war prestige with models like the T15 Baby in the post-WWII era. Despite financial struggles and a dwindling market, Talbot-Lago produced the T15 Baby, which utilized a sophisticated four-cylinder engine with twin high-mounted camshafts and hemispherical combustion chambers. However, the heavy saloon bodies and high production costs limited its success.

This particular Talbot Lago T15 Baby is one of approximately 70 surviving examples and is notable for its unique bodywork by Jean Barou, which evokes the clean, modern lines reminiscent of designs by Graber or Pininfarina. Believed to have been displayed at the Paris Salon, the car was later acquired by Talbot dealer Louis Cremer in 1957 and subsequently owned by Mr. Dupond, who replaced the aluminum head with a new-old-stock unit. Mr. Cremer later reacquired the car in 1977, using it as a dealership showpiece.

Showing just over 22,000 kilometers, this Talbot Lago T15 Baby remains largely unrestored, with original paint and a beautifully preserved patina. It features Robergel wire wheels, hydraulic brakes, a Wilson preselector gearbox, and lightweight aluminum components. This exceptional vehicle is perfect for preservation-class display or as a candidate for a straightforward refurbishment.

This interesting vehicle is selling at Lucky Car Auction’s Spring Classic this weekend- June 1st and 2nd. Visit to register to bid and to see all their unique vehicles and automobila.

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