Reckless Riding Leads To Motorcycle Chase

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Reckless Riding Leads To Motorcycle Chase
Reckless Riding Leads To Motorcycle Chase

We always wonder about motorcycle riders who thread the needle between cars at highway speeds. It seems like not just a silly thing to do but almost a death wish of sorts. After all, many cars on the road today weigh 4,000-plus lbs. and when traveling at high speeds would make mincemeat out of a rider in a sudden collision.

Kid on motorcycle seems to think running from the cops is fun.

But that’s what an Arkansas trooper noticed this rider was doing before getting through traffic going near the speed limit, then twisting that throttle to take off. Following behind, you can see in the dashcam footage the trooper waits until the rider exits the freeway before attempting a traffic stop.


For whatever reason, quite a few motorcycle riders seem to believe they’re above the law. It’s like they believe since they’re on a smaller vehicle they can get away with whatever they want and police can’t ever catch them.

Sometimes, sadly, this is true. But the guy who do have incredible fast sport bikes also can wreck out at literal breakneck speeds, leaving them with serious injuries or worse.

This rider doesn’t have nearly the power or gearing for that kind of foolishness. But he still tries going for it, blasting around slower cars and into oncoming traffic, at one point almost getting hit head on.

Even with increasingly reckless behavior, this rider just can’t shake the trooper. Plus, he’s just racking up the violations, not to mention notching up a felony fleeing charge. The guy must feel confident in his ability to get away or he’s just not even thinking at this point.

Perhaps hoping to finally outride the trooper, the suspect turns onto a road which features plenty of sweeping turns and elevation changes. The thins is ASP trains troopers quite well, so this put the suspect at a disadvantage.

It’s amazing how many bad to mediocre motorcycle riders think they can ditch police. Many of them wreck out like this guy, who’s lucky he didn’t plant himself in the front end of an oncoming car or a tree trunk.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube