Regulators Are Investigating Ford Mach-E Problems

Regulators Are Investigating Ford Mach-E Problems
Regulators Are Investigating Ford Mach-E Problems

Apparently last year’s recall didn’t do the trick.

If you don’t recall, the Ford Mach-E, the brand’s “sporty” all-electric crossover, was recalled back in June 2022 for battery problems. More specifically, owners were complaining about the bloated pony suddenly losing power, reportedly leading to some crashes. While everyone else went on with their lives, it sounds like some Mach-E owners keep having problems even after the recall repair, so the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating.

Ford CEO admits EVs will cost jobs.

Originally, almost 49,000 vehicles made between May 2020 and May 2022 were recalled, with Ford concluding the problem was high-voltage main contactors for the battery were overheating during DC fast charging or hard acceleration. That could damage contactors, thus leading to sudden power loss.


In some situations, drivers have been stranded as the vehicle issues a warning to pull over before suddenly stopping. In at least one case, the owner was able to start the EV hours later, only for it to stop again three miles down the road. If such a vehicle were your only mode of transportation, that kind of problem could cause serious issues.

To help prevent the fault, Ford deployed a software update that monitored the temperature of battery contactors. If the temperature rose to a certain point, power would be automatically reduced to prevent any damage.

In addition, Ford offered to replace the high voltage battery junction box in any of the Mach-Es recalled. However, one Mach-E owner said two days after having the junction box replaced in their vehicle, their Ford still failed and needed servicing to correct the problem.

Despite these efforts, some Mach-E owners say they’re still experiencing trouble. NHTSA is investigating if Ford properly fixed the EVs and if more Mach-Es should be recalled. The regulatory agency is looking at 64,000 Mach-E vehicles as part of its inquiry after fielding 12 complaints from consumers after their vehicle underwent recall repairs.

Ford has indicated to multiple media outlets it’s cooperating with NHTSA during the investigation, which is standard for the industry.

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