Report: The Toyota Highlander is going all-electric

Report: The Toyota Highlander is going all-electric

Toyota has been slower than most jumping into the EV game, but its approach has looked more competent than most others’ as time has progressed. That said, the Japanese automaker isn’t ditching electric vehicles, and a new report from CarBuzz suggests that one of its most popular family haulers could be going electric soon.

The Highlander is reportedly moving to an all-electric configuration, which will lead to a Lexus variant called the TZ. Toyota would leave the Grand Highlander with internal combustion engines, though more hybrid options are likely.

David Christ, Toyota’s U.S. general manager, told CarBuzz that the automaker would also expand its electrified offerings with new plug-in hybrid models. “We’re going to expand plug-in availability throughout the lineup fairly quickly,” he said. According to the publication's sources, the most likely candidates to get plugs are the 4Runner, Sequoia, Tacoma, and Tundra.

Toyota’s efforts would electrify all models except the GR86 and Supra. The GR Corolla’s time on the market is likely limited and may not cross paths with the new hybrid options. American production for those vehicles would bring tax credit eligibility, softening what are quickly becoming very expensive prices for Toyotas.