RHD Chrysler 300 Gets Hellcat Engine

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Who says Europeans can't have fun?

When you picture the ideal British sports car, you typically won't imagine large displacement engines with big torque numbers. Instead, focusing on the other side of the world seems to be fixated on lower displacement and stricter emissions regulations. So, of course, it makes sense that America is known for making the best straight-line racers out there. However, have you ever considered what might happen if you let a power-hungry European enthusiast mess around with an American icon? This Chrysler 300 is the perfect answer to that question as it boasts a ridiculous V8 engine that could probably beat any racer on its home roads.


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Weighing in at just over 4,700lbs with the driver, this ridiculous beast is often called a classier version of the Charger. Us Dodge enthusiasts might have a bone to pick with that description, but it holds true when discussing mechanical ability. The only thing that disappoints some racers is that they don't come with a Hellcat engine, making the possibility of driving a +700 horsepower Chrysler 300 nearly impossible for most. That's one obstacle this incredibly dedicated builder from land not known for its high horsepower decided to overcome. However, how he did this may surprise you as it differs significantly from most plug-and-play builders in the United States.

Under the hood is a modified 392 cubic inch V8 which came in everything from the Charger to Challenger Scat Packs. This is one of Mopar's best mid-level performance engines, which take particularly well to the modifications builders like to perform. A performance camshaft was the most significant benefit of the owner's hard work as it produces an aggressive idle and high torque and horsepower figures. This, combined with the Hellcat supercharger and extra boost, makes even more power than the Hellcat, which is an incredible feat for any Mopar enthusiast. Altogether, this unique build combines smooth styling, high horsepower, and an aggressive exhaust note to create one hell of a car.

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