This Rivian Has Apparently Been Stuck for Months, But Tow Trucks Won’t Touch It

SayWhatWendy. TikTok
SayWhatWendy. TikTok

Yesterday, a TikToker posted a video of a Rivian R1T that she claims has been stuck in an Arizona ditch for four months. According to user SayWhatWendy, the R1T slid backwards into the ditch in February, due to ice buildup, and it's been stuck there ever since. However, from what we can see, it doesn't seem impossible to remove from the ravine, which makes you wonder why it's been left there so long. There has to be something we don't know.

Several towing companies have supposedly declined the job to remove the R1T for liability reasons. That seems odd, but it admittedly doesn't look like the easiest rescue. Not only is the Rivian nearly 7,200 pounds, but it also appears to be beached, with its belly-mounted battery tray resting on sand and rocks. Pulling it out could possibly damage the battery pack, which would not only be costly but potentially lead to a fire. The Drive reached out to Rivian for comment and will update this story should we receive more information.


There are some oddities about this predicament, however, that have caused commenters to question the video's validity—chiefly, the situation itself. Whoever the owner is, they supposedly got stuck and figured recovery would be tough, so they just abandoned their electric pickup there for at least a whole season? Seems fishy. Also, the truck is remarkably clean for having supposedly sat all through the spring. There's a tree over my driveway, just like there are surrounding this Rivian, and my car looks far worse when I leave it home for a week. Even stranger, the R1T appears to be unlocked, given the front door handles sticking out. Who leaves their very expensive truck behind for months unlocked? The frunk is closed in one of SayWhatWendy's videos, but in another it's open, indicating that someone is accessing it.

Some commenters suggested calling a crane company. According to the video's poster, crane companies have been called but declined the task due to the road not being safe for crane duty. Others recommended jacking up the rear of the truck and either pouring in gravel or getting ramps underneath it, to lift the back end up enough for a tow truck to pull it out. That sounds feasible, but we don't know for sure what lies beneath. Several people naturally recommended Matt's Off-Road Recovery, a company with an incredible reputation for getting vehicles un-stuck from the stickiest of situations. While Matt's is located near Zion National Park in Utah, its crew has recovered vehicles in Arizona before—it's just unclear if this Rivian is close enough.

Back on TikTok, Arizona 4x4 Off-Road Recovery chimed in that they'd help out if asked. "If they do [call] it's getting out," one comment from the account reads.

Without actually putting boots on the ground, there's no way of confirming how difficult recovering this truck is. Maybe it's damn near impossible. Maybe it's simpler than it looks. All we know is that there's so much we don't know, and we want to learn more.

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