Road Rage Fight Knocks Elderly Woman Out

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Road Rage Fight Knocks Elderly Woman Out
Road Rage Fight Knocks Elderly Woman Out

A road rage incident outside Los Angeles International Airport left an elderly woman knocked unconscious as two men duked it out. This is one of the latest examples of how people act like little children on public roads, leading to serious violence.

Driver bites pedestrian in bizarre road rage incident.

Footage shared by ABC7 shows the incident unfold. A group is unloading curbside at the airport when two men who are fighting one another run straight into that group. They bowl over the elderly woman, one of the blows knocking her out cold as she falls to the ground.


While the woman is unconscious, the two men seem completely unaware of what they’ve done as they wrestle each other on the ground just a few feet away. This typifies these sorts of road rage incidents where participants seem to only think of themselves and not the harm they could inflict on innocent bystanders.

According to ABC7, the woman was transported to the hospital in critical condition. These guys could’ve killed her. Thankfully, she has since been released. We hope she makes a full recovery and can get on with life.

Justice still needs to be served. While police were able to locate one of the road rage men after he turned himself in, they’re still looking for 38-year-old Jasan Givens Sr. They’s asking for the public’s help in tracking him down.

Police say Givens is driving a silver Chevrolet sedan, no model specified, with damage to the front passenger door. It bears California license plate 5UAL384.

Both of the men from the road rage fight are facing felony battery charges. This is why it’s best to just not engage in this type of behavior.

If you’re driving on the road and someone does something you don’t like, just count to ten, cool off, and let them keep on driving. If someone starts raging out at you, try to slow down and let them continue on, putting distance between you. Fighting on the road isn’t worth it.

Image via ABC7/YouTube

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