Rotting Classic Cars Will Make You Cry

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This collection is one of the largest and most diverse selection of vintage vehicles to ever hit the internet.

We all know the classic story of what happens to our favorite vintage cars when the owners abandon them or grow too old to keep them all in good condition. From the ashes of abandonment rises a new opportunity to show the incredible history within the confines of automotive history. Of course, we're talking about barn finds, and this particular one may be the coolest we've seen yet. This vast collection boasts many classic cars, which may even add up to around +100 vehicles. While many of the vehicles have rotted away due to excess time sitting and rust, some still retain a piece of what made them great initially. These are some of the coolest classic cars in this massive lot of automotive history.


First up on the list is an early '60s Impala that seems to have been resting in the field for most of its life. Everything from the classic Chevy style grille to the iconic Impala three bulb tail lights is covered in decades of dirt and rust. This car sits front and center near the main road, which alludes to the insane gathering of vintage vehicles behind it. Without a doubt, this car is an excellent indicator for the quality of vehicles to follow, but the styles range wildly.

This is exceptionally present when examining some of the other cars, such as the various Galaxie 500s, Ford Fairlanes, and other Ford vehicles, ranging from the 1930s to the early 1960s. Again, diversity is critical with this collection, as you can find virtually any vehicle you like in a matter of minutes of looking. Another testament to the variety of the cars is the sheer number of trucks that accompany the surrounding field. The owner has a pretty excellent taste in vehicles from the golden age of American vehicles with a vast collection of trucks, muscle cars, and even some delivery trucks. One such vehicle that represents this is the delivery wagon that appears to have carried milk, ice cream, mail, or any other item you would use a box truck like this. Currently, the owner is thinking about selling some of the cars to get them to good homes to preserve these incredible pieces of automotive history.

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