You Can Run From The Repo Man But You Can’t Hide

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You Can Run From The Repo Man But You Can’t Hide
You Can Run From The Repo Man But You Can’t Hide

Some people think they can just not pay for their car and keep driving it without consequence. The thing is repo men are experts at tracking down collateral for a loan that’s not being honored and taking it in to help recoup some of the lender’s losses. Still, some debtors like this woman with a Ford Explorer believe they can outrun the repo man.

Video: father holds up the repo man.

This woman literally tries doing just that, leading the guy in his tow truck on a high-speed chase. That sounds crazy because it is.

At the beginning of the video, you see the tow truck back up to the Ford as it sits at the end of a driveway. Just as the repo man position’s the truck’s boom under the rear wheels of the SUV, the brake lights illuminate, signaling the vehicle isn’t empty.


That’s when the Explorer takes off before the boom raises it up in the air, getting away. That kind of cat and mouse game has apparently been going on for a while.

From there the Ford Explorer takes off at high speed through the surrounding neighborhood. The debtor is obviously trying to lose the tow truck so she can hang onto the SUV another day. But he gives chase and when she finally loses him he goes back to her house while coordinating with his spotter in another vehicle

But this repo agent is determined to get the collateral. The debtor is obviously determined to frustrate his attempts. Something has to give in this situation.

The debtor tries blocking the Explorer in using another vehicle, probably believing the tow truck can’t hook up to it. But he proves it’s a cinch as he drives across the front lawn and just scoops the Ford up. And the woman has a meltdown upon realizing she’s been beat.

The repossession agent also says the woman has employed other tricks to keep the Explorer out of his hands, like installing a fence. If she has money for that, why doesn’t she just catch the loan up? It doesn’t really make sense, does it?

You can run from the repo man, literally, but you can’t hide forever.

Image via Finesse TV 513/YouTube