Six Of The Rarest Classic Cars Ever Made

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These are the most exclusive cars on the planet!

When the first car was introduced in 1886, it kicked off the race to one-up everyone else in innovation and engineering - which is true through to today. In all this time, the automobile has taken so many different forms, with countless configurations and features. But if you’re a car collector, you know that not every car is special, and those that are, could cost you, and these cars definitely will cost you big time.

The Spirit Of Nemo

While the Spirit of Nemo is not actually a production car and made up for the movie, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a version of the car was actually made for the streets. Captain Nemo's six-wheeled Nautilus car is a monster at 21.65 feet and was kept in a movie memorabilia collection for many years after it was bought from the production company. It was sold in 2015/2016, and is said to be driven around the streets of London now. This is one of the most over-the-top cars we’ve ever seen.

Rolls Royce 15 Hp

The Rolls Royce 15 Hp is one of four cars made between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce from an agreement made on December 23, 1904. Only six were made, and out of the small batch, only one is known to survived, and is estimated to be worth over 35 million dollars.

Bugatti 57SC Atlantic Coupe

Widely accepted in the collector community as one of the rarest and most expensive cars in the world, the Atalante was designed as a two-door built on the 57S chassis. It has a low slung stature, made to be lightweight, and is regarded to be the ‘ultimate’ Bugatti, and first supercar. Only four Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupes were made, and a $114 million example remains unaccounted for today.

Helica De Leyat

Frenchman Marcel Leyat built 30 1921 Leyat Helica propeller cars, and 23 were actually sold. Leyat had a background in aviation, but tried his had at automotive design. The result is what you see before you, which was shown at the 1921 Paris Auto Show. While the designer claimed to get many serious inquiries, funding never came through to mass produce the car.

Tucker 48

Also known as the Tucker Torpedo, this vehicle was thought up by Preston Tucker. Including the prototype, only 51 cars were made before the company filed for bankruptcy. The cars made were billed as the “cars of the future” and had a top speed claim of 120 mph.

Bugatti Royale

Officially, it’s called the Bugatti Type 41, but most know it as the Royale. This large luxury car has a 12.763-liter straight-eight engine to move the 252 inch body. During the time it was made, it was a seen as a display of massive wealth. At one point, the moniker held the title of the world’s most expensive car, being beaten out in recent years, but one hasn’t gone up for sale in a while either.

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