Sixth Gen Camaro Absolutely Roasts A Cop

Sixth Gen Camaro Absolutely Roasts A Cop
Sixth Gen Camaro Absolutely Roasts A Cop

Who says sixth gens aren’t fast?

While there are some legitimate complaints about the sixth generation Camaros, the top-end models are genuinely fast cars. That’s clearly demonstrated in this video of one driver goading an Arkansas State Police trooper to chase him, only to leave the trooper absolutely frustrated. These Camaros are anything but slow.

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As you can see in the video, the Camaro driver is in the right lane just minding his own business, going about the speed limit as the trooper comes up on him in the left lane. The ASP trooper starts shadowing the muscle car, something that’s happened to us too many times to count, probably just waiting for any excuse to pull it over.


This situation can be absolutely nerve-racking, especially if you have a radar/laser detector and it keeps going wild as the cop tries measuring you going just slightly over the speed limit. Unless your vehicle matches the description of the getaway car for an armed robbery, such behavior really should constitute harassment.

Instead of just pulling over and seeing what the trooper’s supposed reason for making a traffic stop was, the Camaro driver dropped the hammer and was off. The raw acceleration and handling dynamics of the muscle car absolutely blow away what the trooper’s cruiser can do, but he keeps chasing the night air for five minutes while massaging his bruised ego. The trooper never had a chance of catching the Camaro, period.

We don’t endorse or recommend running from police, whatever the supposed reason, but police chases can provide some insight into the performance capabilities of certain cars. Of course, some drivers are so intoxicated or just plain bad at driving that they can take a genuinely fast vehicle and either crash it immediately or drive like a grandma in some weird attempt at fleeing.

With the Chevy Camaro yet again going the way of the dodo, we can’t help but feel a little sad. Sure, the design of the sixth gens are flawed in a few fundamental ways, but those with real engines (that’s V8s, kiddies) are performance monsters or can easily be easily modified to become monstrous. Just like with the Dodge twins, this modern muscle car icon is going away and we think people are starting to realize what’s being lost for the hobby. Sad.