Slew of Dream Car Barn Finds In Blue Ridge Georgia

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The North Georgia mountains have yielded quite the barn find collection!

Extremely rural areas and mountainsides provide great cover for a lot of things, sometimes those things are barn find cars. And in some of the cases, when we say 'barn find' cars, we actually mean graveyard cars, like this lot of rotting classics that suddenly turned up on Craigslist over the weekend. While each car is itemized in their own ad, the exact origin or circumstance is unknown about this lot of cars, there are some very interesting cars in these listings. Here are some highlights:

1972 GMC Pickup

Listed as being complete with the drivetrain, this vintage GMC long bed is said to be in stock condition, but one would have to wonder exactly what that means.

1982 Subaru BRAT

It's unclear when this happened, but according to the seller, this BRAT ran when it was parked, although, no word on why it was parked. The engine is said to turn freely, and has limited rust. This Subaru BRAT needs some serious R&R.

1968 Mercury Cougar

Specifically listed as a project car and barn find, this 1968 Mercury Cougar hardtop coupe has nothing but potential. It features a 302 cubic-inch engine that turns by hand, but doesn't run.

1950 Chrysler Windsor

"It's all there," is how this Windsor Club Coupe is described. This part of the 'collection' actually looks pretty decent.

1977 Pontiac Firebird Formula

I'll admit, I've brought home 2nd-gen f-bodies is much worse shape, but I don't necessarily promote it. If this car has a trunk or floor pans, I would be floored.

1977 Jeep Wagoneer

This Jeep Wagoneer project wont crank, but seems pretty solid. There's some noticeable rust, but nothing that seems too much to handle.

1965 Ford Mustang Coupe

With a price tag of $4,000, this Mustang project car has us wondering more about what we aren't seeing, than what's pictured. It has a 302 cubic inch engine that clearly hasn't been cranked in a while, and there's not much to see at the front.

1978 Honda CB750F Super Sport

Marking the last year of the 750, and also a good example of the rising popularity of the vintage bikes of the '70s. Although said to be missing parts, some of those parts might (still) be pretty easy to come by, just depends on which ones.

1962 Chevy Impala SS Golden Anniversary Coupe

Around 300 1962 Chevy Impala SS Golden Anniversary Coupe, but it also needs a total restoration. At $5,000, it ties for the most expensive car of the group, but is also one of the less complete.

1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible

Listed for sale at $7,000, this VW Karmann Ghia Convertible is the priciest find in the lot. Described as an unfinished project car with good bones, this could be worth something fully-restored.

Which one of these barn find project cars would you save?

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