Someone In A Subaru Outback Ran From Arkansas State Police

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Someone In A Subaru Outback Ran From Arkansas State Police
Someone In A Subaru Outback Ran From Arkansas State Police

Arkansas State Police are legendary for their high-flying chases of fleeing suspects. If you’re like us, you’ve watched quite a few of the department’s pursuits over the last few years. But we believe this is the first one we’ve seen involving a Subaru Outback and it’s glorious.

Stolen Ford truck fights Arkansas State Police.

You see, Subarus just aren’t that popular in Arkansas. You really don’t see them much in places where snowfall is scant. While they’re prone to some funky mechanical issues as they age, people in snow country appreciate the symmetrical all-wheel drive and the low center of gravity thanks to the flat engine.


Even when roads are dry, that setup translates into some pretty nice handling. So it’s exciting to see how one of these wagons does against an ASP trooper in hot pursuit.

Before the chase starts, we see the trooper lock onto the Subie for whatever reason – it’s not explained so everyone can debate what it might be. He starts following the wagon as it winds its way onto the highway.

There’s no way the suspect doesn’t notice a marked police car tailing him like that. Most people at that point are just sweating bullets, wondering what they might have done to get the attention of a cop.

While the Subaru driver at first pulls over once the trooper turns on his lights and sirens, he suddenly goes for it, bringing to bear all the acceleration power at his disposal. It’s really not impressive but that Outback is giving its full effort.

The trooper PITS the Subaru rapidly, which spins out, hits the center divider, the comes wobbling back in front of the cruiser. Instead of going for round two, the driver smartly realizes he already pushed his luck too far.

A Subaru Outback is definitely no race car, folks. As a result, it makes for a horrible getaway vehicle. And they’re only going to blend in if you’re in Seattle, Portland, or a few other select cities.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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