South African Company Transforms Classic VW Beetles into LS-Powered Marvels

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It's a mighty Bug!

3L Engineering and Design, a South African company, has taken the classic Volkswagen Beetle and reimagined it as a powerful sleeper car, aptly named the "V8 Stealth Beetle." This transformation goes beyond a mere engine swap; it is a comprehensive reconstruction of the iconic vehicle.

The company offers various engine options for these custom builds, including the Chevrolet LS V8 engines from early-model Corvettes. Customers can choose from the LS1, LS2, or LS3 models, each known for their reliability and power. For those preferring a European engine, there's also the option of an Audi 4.2-liter V8, previously featured in models like the RS4 or S6. These engines are paired with a Getrag six-speed manual gearbox, ensuring a thrilling driving experience.


The idea for the V8 Stealth Beetle originated as a personal project of engineer Jean Fourie. Following the overwhelming interest generated by their YouTube channel and the decision to create a unique high-quality aluminium chassis, 3L Engineering and Design opted to produce these custom Beetles on order. They also offer the chassis and components separately, allowing enthusiasts worldwide to build their own mid-engine V8-powered VW Bug.

The Stealth Beetle features an adaptation to accommodate the Chevrolet LS3 6.2-litre crate engine, a combination that is sure to excite any V8 enthusiast. The company offers four levels of completion for these vehicles. Customers can opt for a turn-key vehicle delivered to their door, or choose to assemble their Beetle with a TIG-welded chassis and components provided by 3L Engineering and Design.

A 50% deposit is required to secure a purchase, with the balance due before shipping. The lead time for a complete vehicle is approximately 9-12 months, while the chassis and components can be delivered in 4-6 months. Shipping and import/customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

This innovative approach by 3L Engineering and Design not only revitalizes a classic icon but also offers car enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a custom, power-packed Beetle unlike any other on the road.

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