Speed Demon Postal Worker Hit Over 100 MPH While Racing A Mustang

Image: Sandusky County sheriff department
Image: Sandusky County sheriff department

From the factory, a Mercedes-Benz Metris van has an electronic speed limiter set to 130 miles per hour. At just under 4,200 pounds, the mini cargo van’s 208 horsepower 2-liter four-cylinder is really pushing at those kinds of speeds. You can bet that the big hollow insides of a van get pretty noisy in the triple digit speeds, and the engine is probably wailing away. It’s the kind of thing you probably wouldn’t do inadvertently. Though that’s what an Ohio postal worker claimed when they were pulled over by Sandusky police for allegedly racing a Mustang and going over 100 miles per hour on a public road.

“Is there a reason you’re going over 100?” asked a deputy, wearing a body-worn camera.

“I didn’t realize that I was going that fast,” the driver told the deputy.

“That Mustang took off and he caught my attention and you blew by and I was pacing you at like 105,” he continued.

The deputy claimed he clocked the driver doing 105 miles per hour on State Route 20.


According to the local Fox affiliate, the postal worker has had her driving license suspended three times, though it was reinstated two years ago. They have received four separate driving convictions, including three for excessive speed and one for failing to wear a seatbelt. Court records show they pled guilty to this speeding citation as well, and had paid the fine associated.

In case the US Postal Service is interested in preventing its employees from recreating this real fast vanning, there is a shop that will sell you a speed limiter kit for a Metris, allowing you to lower the speed limit to whatever you want. You know, like 85 miles per hour, just as a suggestion.

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