Stellantis Q2 2024 Sales Results Aren’t Rosy

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Stellantis Q2 2024 Sales Results Aren’t Rosy
Stellantis Q2 2024 Sales Results Aren’t Rosy

Stellantis, parents company of Dodge, Jeep, Ram, etc., has been struggling with sales in the United States lately. The automaker is trying to portray a big turnaround for its brands, but the numbers tell more of a mixed story.

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Surprisingly, one of the biggest winners of the quarter is the Dodge Charger. It saw a 52 percent increase in sales versus in Q1. The Challenger and Durango each received an 18 percent bump with the brand getting a 16 percent uplift.

Of course, everything is how you slice numbers. When comparing Q2 2024 to Q2 2023, Charger sales are down 34 percent, Challenger sales are down 11 percent, and Durango sales are down 9 percent.


Looking at the first half of 2024 compared to the first half of 2023, Charger sales have slipped 42 percent, Challenger sales dipped 13 percent, and Durango sales are down 1 percent. It’s all on how you compare the data.

Jeep has been particularly struggling, especially with its more premium offerings. That’s why it’s surprising to see for Q2 the Wagoneer increased sales 107 percent year over year while the Grand Wagoneer increased 24 percent. Neither one is setting the world on fire, with just under 17,000 Wagoneers sold in the first half of 2024 and slightly over 4,000 Grand Wagoneers delivered to customers.

What’s concerning about Jeep is Wrangler sales are struggling. What used to be a slam dunk for the cash cow is now a struggle, no doubt in part thanks to the Ford Bronco. For Q2 2024 versus Q2 2023, sales were down 17 percent. First half of 2024 sales versus 2023 were down 9 percent.

Another big seller for Jeep, the Grand Cherokee, has struggled even more. Q2 2024 versus Q2 2023 sales dipped 26 percent and year-to-date sales slipped 15 percent.

Ram, another big player for Stellantis, is struggling with pickup sales down 23 percent Q2 2024 versus Q2 2023 and down 20 percent when comparing the first half of the past two years. That’s not good considering Rams bring in big profit margins.

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