Suspect In Ford Fusion Tries Bullying Michigan Trooper

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Suspect In Ford Fusion Tries Bullying Michigan Trooper
Suspect In Ford Fusion Tries Bullying Michigan Trooper

Usually when there’s a police chase and someone gets rammed, it’s the suspect. But this person fleeing from police in a Ford Fusion decides to ram into a Michigan State Police cruiser as it pulls up alongside. Since it’s at a high speed, the trooper struggles to keep his car from spinning out of control.

Watch a suspect crash into a moving train while fleeing police.

In the dashcam footage, which we’ve included, we see the trooper jump into the pursuit which had already started with local law enforcement in Clinton County. But as the trooper started closing the gap, the suspect got a little crazy.


At first the guy tries passing on the right shoulder, like that was going to throw off the trooper. It of course doesn’t but the move is incredibly dangerous. Thankfully he doesn’t collide with any of the innocent motorists in the right lane.

When that isn’t effective he starts weaving through traffic. But the guy finds out his Fusion isn’t so stable at high speeds as the car gets wobbly and he almost loses control. Obviously, we’re dealing with an amateur here.

In some ways, chasing someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing makes keeping up with them easier. But it also means they’ll take unpredictable risks.

We’re sure the trooper wasn’t expecting to get rammed by this suspect as he pulled up alongside him, and that’s when the trooper almost lost it. But his training kicks in and he’s able to get the cruiser going straight without wobble and without letting the suspect slip away.

Then the trooper angles the back end of his car to push the suspect into the grassy median in hopes of at least slowing the Ford down. Sometimes we think people forget a TVI can be more than just a PIT maneuver.

Once the trooper sees the perfect opportunity, he cuts into the median and does a pretty brutal PIT. The car disabled, police descend, guns drawn, and take the suspect into custody. Inside the car, police say they found drugs they believe were being sold by the suspect.

Image via State Boyzzz

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