Suspect Proves Chevy Suburbans Are In Fact Tanks

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Suspect Proves Chevy Suburbans Are In Fact Tanks
Suspect Proves Chevy Suburbans Are In Fact Tanks

This probably won’t truly shock anyone, but the Chevy Suburban really is one tough truck. While people might mock its size and status as the ultimate soccer mom vehicle, there’s a reason they’re used by governments and VIPs for security. This chase involving Micanopy County Sheriff’s Office, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol, and other law enforcement agencies shows just how tough the Suburban is.

Here's another tough vehicle that takes a beating in a police chase and keeps on going.

Before the pursuit started, a deputy was monitoring traffic at I-75 and County Road 234 in Micanopy County when he noticed the Chevy Suburban turn off the interstate, onto 234, and just blow through a stop sign.


A clue about why the driver did such an obviously stupid thing comes early in the chase footage when he throws an allegedly alcoholic drink out the window. After disposing of that evidence, things get crazy in a hurry.

The suspect is all over the two-lane road, playing chicken with oncoming full-size trucks and swerving around the slower cars. It’s nothing short of a miracle a bad crash doesn’t happen right then and there.

He’s continues to drive all over on a divided highway, crossing over the median and in general acting like he’s intoxicated. The guy even flips the deputy off repeatedly. But the deputy doesn’t want to PIT the Suburban until it’s traveling slower.

The first PIT really doesn’t do anything. The size and weight difference between the two vehicles surely play a factor. PIT two is just as ineffective.

But the deputy really hits the Suburban hard for PIT three, spinning the SUV into the grassy median. Turned around, the suspect seems dazed for a minute, but he punches it, slamming into the front of the deputy’s cruiser before taking off again, proving the Chevy is built like a tank.

Someone deploys Stop Sticks but doesn’t put them out far enough into the road, so the chase continues. More contact between the primary deputy and the suspect rips part of the bumper cover off the Suburban, but it’s still running strong like a wild bull.

Finally, two cops give the Suburban the good ol’ one-two. The first spins the Chevy out with a beautiful PIT. Then the second one T-bones the SUV, deploying the airbags and stopping the chase once and for all. That’s probably about the only one to bring one of these behemoths down.

Image via PoliceActivity/YouTube

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