Technical updates: 2024 Austrian Grand Prix

McLaren has the most notable new parts of the front-running teams as a small number of upgrades have been introduced at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Given the nature of the sprint weekend featuring just one practice session, and with some teams focusing on delivering upgrades a week ago in Spain, half of the grid have submitted no updates at the Red Bull Ring. That includes home team Red Bull, as well as Aston Martin, Alpine, Williams and Haas.

Of those to bring new parts, only McLaren lists more than one new component, as it has two areas working together, A new front wing and new front suspension work in conjunction, with the front wing geometry providing improved aerodynamic load, and the suspension then aiming to maximize the improved flow characteristics.


Mercedes has introduced a new beam wing that provides a reduction in drag, while Ferrari has added an extra cooling louver on its engine cover in anticipation of high temperatures across the weekend.

RB continues its regular development with changes to the rear brake drum, revising the winglets that generate load and manage the flow at the back of the car, while Stake has the same update as Mercedes with a lower drag beam wing that reduces drag and improves aerodynamic efficiency.

Teams are not required to submit information about any parts that are of identical design, meaning components that have been manufactured out of a different material for weight-saving purposes are not publicly listed as upgrades.

Story originally appeared on Racer