Tesla Attacks Home

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Tesla Attacks Home
Tesla Attacks Home

Let’s face it: Teslas are portly wrecking balls on wheels. Sure, Dodge Chargers are heavy, but they pale in comparison to the number one EV on the market. With so many of Elon’s spawn on public roads, incidents like this one where a Tesla barreled into a home are just inevitable.

Camaro hits a house and sets it on fire.

The crash happened in Burbank, California on the morning of May 15, leaving part of the house in ruins. You can see from aerial news footage the garage took the brunt of the blow, which honestly is probably a blessing in disguise.

As noted by local news station ABC7, the intersection where this crash happened has seen its fair share of incidents. The city even erected a metal barrier to keep cars from hitting the homes, but for the Tesla that might as well have been toothpicks because it snapped the poles as if they were.


The report mentions that the Tesla barreled through a cinderblock wall, flinging some debris so hard it punched through a nearby house. If true, it sounds like the Tesla was just hauling.

A surveillance camera captured the Tesla blasting through the intersection. Admittedly, the angle isn’t very good, but the EV does seem to be going faster than one should go through a residential area.

Part of the problem is the intersection where this Tesla crashed isn’t a four-way, it’s a T-intersection. In other words, going the direction the EV was traveling, drivers have to either turn left or right. If they just go straight, they’ll run right into that metal barrier.

Is this a case of distracted driving or going fast on an unfamiliar street? We’re sure investigators are looking into those possibilities and more. What we can confidently say is everyone needs to slow down and take it easy on public roads or crashes like this will keep happening.

Image via ABC7/YouTube

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