Tesla slips in American-Made Index as Jeep, Toyota rise

Tesla slips in American-Made Index as Jeep, Toyota rise released its 2024 American-Made Index, and it's bad news for 2023's headliner. While the Tesla Model Y still holds the No. 1 position, the Model 3 and Model X dropped from second and third, respectively, leaving behind a hole just large enough for Honda to drive a Passport through. While there weren't too many shockers, the 2024 list highlights some shifts in manufacturing since just last year.

If you're feeling déjà vu, fear not; we have already done an "American-made" list this year. That was the American University Kogod Business School's 2023 "Made in America" index, which actually should have been published sooner than it was, but as explained in the results, it was delayed by some data issues. That list compares more directly with last year's list (note how many Teslas appear up top). Today's list applies to 2024.

That said, if you browsed the American University list, you probably noticed that their system results in a large number of ties. Its 2023 "top 10" list comprises a whopping 27 entries. In the spirit of parity, we've included cars # 11 through 27 from the list above; as you can see, there's quite a bit of overlap despite the model year changeover. Without further ado, here's's list.

  1. Tesla Model Y

  2. Honda Passport

  3. Volkswagen ID.4

  4. Tesla Model S

  5. Honda Odyssey

  6. Honda Ridgeline

  7. Toyota Camry

  8. Jeep Gladiator

  9. Tesla Model X 

  10. Lexus TX

  11. Toyota Highlander

  12. Acura RDX

  13. Honda Accord

  14. Honda Pilot

  15. Acura MDX

  16. Toyota Grand Highlander

  17. Acura Integra

  18. Acura TLX

  19. Ram 1500 Classic

  20. Toyota Tundra

  21. Tesla Model 3

  22. Kia Sportage

  23. Chevrolet Colorado

  24. GMC Canyon

  25. Toyota Sequoia (HEV)

  26. Toyota Tundra hybrid (HEV)

  27. Nissan Pathfinder