Toyota Recalls 102,000 V-6 Tundras and Lexus LX600s Over Engine Debris

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102,000 Tundra, LX600 Recalled Over Engine DebrisToyota

Toyota has issued a safety recall for more than 100,000 Tundra pickup trucks and Lexus LX600 SUVs in North America as a result of debris inside of the models’ V-6 engines left over from the machining process during production.

The recall especially applies to certain MY2022-MY2023 products, both of which are powered by the Toyota’s current-generation V35A-FTS twin-turbocharged V-6. According to automaker communications with The Drive, there is a possibility that engine machining debris was not properly cleaned from the impacted engines during their construction phase, potentially contaminating the entire batch.

Furthermore, the recall relates to models that are powered by a V35A engine equipped with a specific crankshaft main bearings that allow the crank to rotate within the engine assembly. Due to the high amount of pressure on the main bearings in this specific engine configuration, debris could adhere to the bearings under consistent high load over time. This can cause the bearings to fail, and may result in engine knock, rough running, or a no-start situation. More troubling is the possibility for a sudden loss of power while at speed, which naturally increases the risk of an accident. While that’s not great, it's more indicative of a bad batch of engines than an inherent design flaw on the part of Toyota.

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Some 102,000 Tundra pickups and LX600 SUVs are impacted by the recall in North America, with the base engine in both platforms being specifically impacted. It is important to note that the recall does not pertain to the optional hybridized i-Force Max variant of the powertrain. Toyota has yet to come up with a solution for owners impacted by the recall notice, but is working on notifying owners of the situation by the end of July 2024.


You can see if your vehicle is impacted by the recall by heading to, or to Simply enter your vehicle’s VIN at either site and more information will be available to you.

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