Traffic Stop Nets Stolen Car And A Soldier’s Old Postcards

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Traffic Stop Nets Stolen Car And A Soldier’s Old Postcards
Traffic Stop Nets Stolen Car And A Soldier’s Old Postcards

People steal strange things sometimes, like this case out of Oklahoma where a guy was caught not only driving a stolen Lexus, but also with a soldier’s old postcards from the 1950s. Now police are looking for the rightful owner of these old communications.

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The recovery was made by a Cleveland County deputy. When the driver of the Lexus, 38-year-old James Williams Collins, couldn’t produce an ID but did have a weird story about a friend letting him borrow the luxury car, the deputy got suspicious.

According to local news outlet KOKH, the deputy ran the car’s VIN and it returned as reported stolen out of Oklahoma City. As you probably already know, getting caught rolling around in a stolen vehicle is bad news.


As deputies searched the seized vehicle after arresting Collins, they found numerous items which were potentially stolen as well. Among them was a small metal case, perhaps a cigarette holder from way back, which contained stamps and the handwritten postcards.

Three of the postcards were mailed between February and March 1951 and bear the address of U.S. Army Private Perry Harmon, who at the time was stationed at Fort Sill, which is southwest of Oklahoma City.

Those postcards were addressed to a Mrs. Harmon in Laverne, Oklahoma. Each one starts out with “Dear Mom.”

Authorities really want to return the antique items, which must have strong sentimental value, to their rightful owner. They believe that might help with some other things they found in the vehicle, although they didn’t elaborate on what those might be.

Also found in the search of the Lexus were cancelled checks and a debit card. Obviously, finding the rightful owner of those items is much easier.

Image via Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office/KOKH