Video: Arkansas Father Holds Up The Repo Man

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Video: Arkansas Father Holds Up The Repo Man
Video: Arkansas Father Holds Up The Repo Man

Among the dangerous jobs out there like cop, oil rigger, high-voltage line worker, etc. we think too little credit goes to repo men. Maybe it’s because they’re the ones who sneak over to your house when you least expect them and take the car you just couldn’t be bothered to pay for.

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What makes the job so dangerous is how emotional, irrational, and violent people can become when that tow truck lifts the vehicle owned by the bank into the air. While some individuals realize there’s no use fighting, others seem to think it’s just fine to do something rash, like this father who pulls a gun on the repossession agent taking his son’s Chevy Malibu.


You can see on the tow truck’s front and rear cameras that the driver comes in with the boom lowered, ready to scoop up the car as it sits in front of the trailer home. However, as he nears the house, a guy in an orange shirt starts jogging.

Sure enough, that orange shirt guy is the “owner” of the ride out for repossession. He at first tries standing in the way of the boom, but when that doesn’t work he gets in the car.

Perhaps sensing that driving off the boom is a bad idea, because he doesn’t try that dumb move. Instead, good ol’ daddy in the blue shirt shows up in his clunker and jumps out ready to fight. This is what every repo man dreads.

With his old man there, the orange shirt kid gets a little bolder and starts yelling at the repo man too. Then an SUV shows up and red shirt jumps out of that. The situation is rapidly deteriorating and it’s about to get far worse.

A guy in a green shirt comes into the camera frame as orange shirt decides it’s time to try driving off the boom, like every responsible debtor. Outnumbered, with the one SUV blocking his tow truck in, the repo man decides to lower the boom and de-escalate the situation.

Image via Repo Productions/YouTube
Image via Repo Productions/YouTube

But as the tow truck pulls away, we see the real reason why the repossession was stopped. Red shirt and daddy in the blue shirt are walking behind the truck, a handgun clearly visible in daddy’s right hand. Apparently, the old Malibu his son couldn’t pay for was worth killing to keep.

As the repo man pulls away in his tow truck, daddy and red shirt follow aggressively close behind in their vehicles. The son joins them in the Malibu, then they all take off and so the repo agent decides to follow. That’s when daddy leans out the window, brandishing his gun again.

All that evidence caught on camera should be enough to take legal action, or so we’d think, so the repo guy at the end flags down a cop who pulls up at the gas station where the group is getting snacks and fuel.

And just like that, these guys face actual consequences for their actions.

Images via Repo Productions/YouTube