VW ID.7's US Debut Is Now in Limbo. Will Anyone Miss It?

VW ID.7's US Debut Is Now in Limbo. Will Anyone Miss It? photo
VW ID.7's US Debut Is Now in Limbo. Will Anyone Miss It? photo

Volkswagen's electric ID.7 sedan has been taking its sweet time making its way across the pond to the U.S., not unlike the brand's retro-inspired electric van. But it seems that the ID.Buzz will land before the company's four-door, as VW has announced that the ID.7's North American debut has been delayed. What's more, no timeline was provided for the model's eventual arrival.

"Volkswagen is committed to making market-driven choices while listening to our customers," a press release issued Wednesday reads. "As market dynamics continue to change, Volkswagen is delaying the introduction of the ID.7 sedan in the U.S. and Canada."

The bulletin is short, but goes on to mention that the ID.Buzz is still on track for the final quarter of 2024 here in the States. Volkswagen also noted the ID.7's accolades from European critics, and that commercially, Germany has been an especially strong market for the model.

But of course, reading between the lines, it's hard to take this as anything other than Volkswagen making a tough decision amid an American EV market that is piling up inventory. If a compact crossover can't make it, VW will rightly be asking what chance an electric sedan has—a niche within a niche if ever there was one. The first quarter of this year was an especially dim period for the ID.4, as sales fell by 37% to 6,167 units. It was the model's worst U.S. performance since Q2 2022 per Automotive News, and that one was blamed on a manufacturing bottleneck because all production was coming from Germany at the time.


The ID.4 is hardly an exciting car, but it's enjoyed its share of compelling lease and financing promotions, as some of its competitors have over the past year. When you're talking about $12,000 off a solid electric SUV, or $379 per month for 36 months with $4,500 down, as Cars Direct reported last month, it's easier to overlook however irritating VW's all-touch infotainment or the ID.4's lack of a frunk is, in my opinion.

But it could also be said that aside from the ID.Buzz, Volkswagen isn't doing anything special with its EVs that its competitors aren't. Frankly, you can just tell by looking at them. When enthusiasts complain of electric jellybeans, they're talking about the ID.7. It's no Arteon. I'm all for clean design, but these are the landlord special of electric cars from a marketing perspective. If the ID.7 still eventually does make it Stateside, let's hope VW brings it with a true purpose, or at least a more convincing argument to potential customers. A production ID.X might help.

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