Watch A 900-Horsepower R34 Nissan GT-R Cut Loose In Tokyo

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Watch A 900-Horsepower R34 Nissan GT-R Cut Loose In Tokyo
Watch A 900-Horsepower R34 Nissan GT-R Cut Loose In Tokyo

A dream car for many, the R34 Nissan GT-R is a legend among the JDM loyalists. But with values soaring just as they’re becoming legal to import into the US, which hardly is a coincidence, for many they will forever remain just a dream.

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That doesn’t mean one can’t vicariously enjoy the experience of driving one. Even better than fantasizing about rolling around town in your own Godzilla is to experience what it’s like to cruise around Tokyo in one that’s been boosted to 900-horsepower.

The video, produced by Harnett Media, doesn’t rely on an annoying soundtrack. Instead, you get to hear all the visceral sounds of the R34 as the owner gets in, fires it up, and starts rolling down Japanese public roads.


Plus, the footage features plenty of eye candy. The GT-R itself is a beauty, sporting tasteful cosmetic modifications which add to its inherently aggressive nature without going too far. We think this is how all tuner cars should look.

As many know, the R34 uses the RB26 inline-six engine with twin turbos. That mill works really well with aggressive modifications, a big reason why the car is so legendary. While it’s impressive in factory form, many owners have extracted 800-plus hp from theirs, with some going well beyond that.

While not everyone is going to agree, many believe the R34 was the pinnacle of the GT-R lineup. It built on the platform established by the R32 and R33, leveraging what were cutting-edge features back in 1998 for better power, tighter handling, and overall improved performance. The all-wheel-drive system in particular was wondrous for its time.

Ultimately, this video is a great way to appreciate a car which was an absolute beast for its time and still has plenty of relevance today.

Image via Harnett Media/YouTube