Watch Arkansas Trooper Immediately End Ongoing Police Chase

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Watch Arkansas Trooper Immediately End Ongoing Police Chase
Watch Arkansas Trooper Immediately End Ongoing Police Chase

There’s no doubt Arkansas State Police trains its troopers well when it comes to high-speed pursuits and ending them. The longer a chase on either the highway or surface streets goes, especially when the suspect is pushing over 100 mph, sadly the more likely it is innocent people will get hurt. That’s why it’s great to see the famous Trooper Jacob Byrd end a police chase quickly.

Beater Ford Taurus outruns Arkansas trooper.

The call for help came as Little Rock Police Department had been pursuing the stolen Nissan Altima. None of the officers could stop the suspect, either because of lack of skill/training or the lack of authorization to perform a TVI. Like many departments LRPD has some strict restrictions on such things.


As the video begins, we see Trooper Byrd working his way through fairly heavy traffic to catch up to the pursuit. The suspect is obviously snaking around all the semis and such to lose his pursuers and it’s making catching the little four-banger Nissan more difficult than it should be.

Ironically, it’s when the suspect gets off the highway and blasts through a red light, almost causing an accident, which allows Trooper Byrd to finally catch up. After overtaking his colleagues around the area of the intersection, he has a clear shot at the Altima just as it’s taking an on-ramp to the highway.

Trooper Byrd wastes absolutely no time, catching up, positioning for a PIT, then executing one flawlessly without hesitation. With traffic ahead he has to act quickly and decisively. Even among ASP’s ranks, Byrd is a bit of a legend, so it’s great to see a master at work.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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